Use Your Store To It's Greatest Potential!

What We Do

It’s very simple. We assist you in advertising a digital product in your physical store. The digital product will always be related to what your store is selling. The advertisement is a flyer. It is usually for an E—book or video series product. All you have to do is place it in an area noticeable to customers (e.g., near the checkout counter, storefront, etc.), so they can view the advertisement and respond quickly and easily.

How Does It Work?

If a customer likes a product advertised on a Stelper-provided flyer, he or she will visit the website and make a purchase. You will earn a commission on each sale made. At the end of every month, we will send you a check for your total earnings. Simple, easy, and requires almost no work from you!

What's In It For Me?

Every time a customer buys a product advertised, you get money from that sale! We split the earnings evenly: 50/50. Most advertising services offer a mere 5%, but because we understand the value of your participation (without you, we wouldn’t make sales), we know you deserve more.

Here is an example

Let's say your product's sale price is $100 (realistically, that’s a high sale for the current market, but we’ll use it for simple numbers’ sake). A commission averages anywhere from 25% to 75%. Let’s say the commission is 50% of the sale price, or $50. You will walk away with 50% of that commission, $25. Stelper will walk away with the other 50%, $25. We value transparency at all times, so you will never risk loss. All you can do is gain!


  • Stelper provides you with a product advertisement for your store. Example: E-Book, valued at $100 per unit.
  • Customer views advertisement, purchases product.
  • Commission rate is calculated (between 25% and 75%). Example, 50% or $50.
  • $50 commission is made.
  • $25/ 50% goes to you, our valued client.
  • $25/ 50% goes back to us, Stelper, for generating the process.

How Much Does Stelper Cost?

Nothing! We pay for everything, so you will never be asked for credit card information—and will never have to pay any costs upfront. If you want, you can peak over to the Sign Up page and see exactly what information we need from you. This is the only information we ask of you. The only exception is if you exceed a certain amount of money annually, then we may need a bit more for tax purposes.

The Product

Your product will depend on what your store is selling. If you look in the Sign Up you will see that, towards the bottom, we ask you what your store sells. It is crucial that the information you give us is accurate, so we can choose the best product for you. If your business sells golf equipment and the product we choose for you is "How to be a better dancer," obviously it wouldn't get very many sales. We will always stay within your businesses niche and gear the product towards your target market.

Is the product "Good"?

Every single product that we have access to has been approved by numerous individuals and is eligible for promotion. We realize that sometimes a product may not fit a customer’s exact desires, which is why every product we promote can be refunded within 60 days of the purchase sale.

How Do I Advertise It?

All you have to do is place the flyer in a conspicuous area, where your customers are most likely to see them. A common spot we recommend is at a checkout counter. If you want to maximize sales we highly recommend that you mention the product to your store's customers upon checkout.

The Flyer

The flyer is 8.5" X 11", which is the standard size for printing paper. It will be one-sided and designed according to each specific product. What's written on the flyer varies—usually it features a brief overview of the product, graphic designs and a website link where customers can purchase. We will also provide you with an acrylic sign holder to keep the flyer in place.


There are three ways that Stelper can pay you once you start generating revenue. We can pay you with a check, with Paypal, or with Google Wallet. Paypal and Google Wallet are safe and reliable services that many businesses trust and use regularly to exchange money online. If you want to learn more about these services, click the images below.

When Will You Pay Me?

We send out checks at the end of each month. The checks will usually take 1-2 business days to arrive at the specified destination. If you are using PayPal or Google Wallet, the payment will arrive within 1 business day.